Galene Lakes
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Galene Lakes

Back to the Skagit Valley.  We visited this place one week ago but this time we were on the Canadian side.  We started really early in the morning and our journey started on Chittenden Bridge (long time ago it used to be a logging road)

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After you cross the bridge there is a Self-Guiding Interpretive Trail called Chittenden Meadow

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This is a beautiful meadow with wild flowers, prairie grasses, ponderosa pine and mosquitoes (a lot of them)

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But this time we were trying to reach Galene Lakes.  This trail is unmaintained and in very poor condition.

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The first half of the trail is still "hikeable"

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But as I say before, this trail is not longer used and the forest is slowing covering the trail.  This trail used to be very popular 15 years ago.  In this point we were supposed to find a bridge.  Well, the bridge was gone.

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As you know, I am stubborn by nature and somehow I found a route to cross the creek.

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But then, 15 minutes later we reached the creek and the trail was gone.  You can see some flags on the distance but the creek destroyed some parts of the trail and a chainsaw is needed if you want to continue.

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We did half of the trail but we didn't feel disappointed, now I have a more profound respect for the Nature and I got a reminder that we must treat our planet as a part of us.

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Round trip: 410 km (256 miles)

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