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Petgill Lake

Some people say that this hike is suited to winter walking because its high point is not more than 800 m (2600 ft) above the sea level.  Well, personally I will do this hike after March.

We parked into the parking lot of Murrin Provincial Park.  Then, we crossed the road.


At first, we climbed the bluffs overlooking the highway, it was a short distance before we entered the forest.


Besides the trees, there are some viewpoints but the rain didn't allow us to take good pictures.  After that, the trail drops to join an abandoned logging road.


2 km later the road is blocked and we have to turn left, again into the forest.  Then we started to go up and down, passing gullies and watching the first signs of what is going to be a very active mosquito season.

We found a right turn which should be ignored unless you want to hike Goat Ridge and add 1000 meters of elevation gain to your day.

Finally we arrived to the lake.


300 meters later there is a viewpoint but for me the view of the lake was enough.


On our way back the rain was already leaving us.


And we were lucky enough to see two Grouses.  We were only able to picture this one


Now with the Sun on our shoulders we returned to the viewpoints and we took a quick picture of Squamish and Stawamus Chief.  Unfortunately Mount Garibaldi was still covered by clouds.


Trip Time: 5:30 hours (including breaks)
We started at 158 m
We finished at 764 m
Round trip: Around 12 kms

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