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Whytecliff Park

This time I only wanted to have a short hike along the beach.   A very popular seaside park in West Vancouver is called Whytecliff Park.  This is Canada's first Salt Water Marine Protected Area.

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Therefore harvesting or collecting any marine life beneath the waters of this park is prohibited.

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Besides that, this place is famous for its incredible underwater diving.

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The coastline is rugged and you have beautiful views of the mountains and passing boats.

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This and other places around the area were explored as early as 1791, with the arrival of the Spanish explorer Jose Maria Narvaez. 

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He was followed by Captain George Vancouver, instead of exploring he met with the First Nation residents and a merchant trading was born.

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Returning to the Protected Area Topic, the park's size and its proximity to an urban area would place it fairly low on any biologist's list of potential marine sanctuaries, but what it lacks in biodiversity, Whytecliff makes up for in visibility.

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In a place like this people reinforce their knowledge and appreciation of the marine environment.

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Before leaving Whytecliff, I imagined some of the things that I would like in my perfect world:

- No one honks me ...
- No one cuts me off ...
- No one rides my bumper ...
- When I hit the red light, someone run out to clean my windshield and gives me a tasty beverage -- for free

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Round trip: 45 km (28 miles)

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