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Mike Lake (Golden Ears Park)

Yesterday a snow storm caused chaos in the Fraser Valley.  I saw like five cars sleeping on ditches and when we arrived to our point the visibility was almost zero.  Then we come back and we choose Plan C.

We crossed the river using the Ferry.  At least at this time Baby Chow was quiet.


When we arrived to the Park, Mr. Hush was looking to go with us.  Unfortunately Baby wasn't very convinced.


The gate was locked because of the bad weather and one unlucky camper was waiting to have the door open.


We crossed the gate and we walked 100 meters and we saw the welcome sign.  From there another 100 meters bring us to the main corral from where you start the hike to Mike Lake.  This is a horse and hiking shared trail.


I am still wondering how this boat finished on one side of the trail.


We were walking on a second-growth forest of western hemlock, western red cedar and Douglas-fir.


After 4.2 kms we arrived to Mike Lake.  In the 1920s, it was a campsite for the loggers and part of British Columbia's greatest railroad loggin operation until a disastrous fire swept through the valley in 1931


Golden Ears Provincial Park is home to a variety of animals including beaver, deer, cougar, black bear and mountain goat.

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