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Blue Gentian and Lost Lake

Last Sunday I decided to stay close to the city and we headed to West Vancouver.  Two years ago I got lost in this place, this time I brought two maps and my GPS :)

There is a maze of trails and if you are not familiar with the place is very easy to get lost.  We were walking on the lower part of Hollyburn circuit.  This is half of one hike that I am planning to do in Summer.


We were walking among western red cedars and we saw ancient stumps reminders of the forest as it once was.  The two lakes that we were planning to visit are much frequented in summer but this time they were left for ourselves.

We cross Brother Creek and we saw Brothers Creek upper falls, unfortunately at that moment it was raining and the picture doesn't look very good :(  All the time we were walking on Baden-Powell Trail


After 2 hours we reached Blue Gentian Lake.  In early summer this little lake is adorned with water lilies and buck bean plants.  Swamp laurel blooms at its edge and mats of glossy-leaved leptarrhena grow along the rivulets of the marsh.


30 minutes later and walking in a sometimes overgrown trail we reached Lost Lake.


Time for lunch, and finally the rain was leaving us.  We decided to do the loop.


On our descend we passed through an extensive groove of western red cedar, and a bridge spanning Brothers Creek.


Then we entered a stretch of old forest and  we saw a pretty waterfall.


So far I concerned these little waterfall doesn't have any name, and I have a friend who loves waterfalls.  I will name it in her honour, from now on this little waterfall will be know as "Brenda Fall"


Finally we reached the fire access road and then the parking lot. 

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