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Munro and Dennett Lake

Last Saturday was a really long day and I had a hard time choosing the pictures, there are not enough words to describe what we saw and what we experienced.

As I wrote on past newsletters I decided to come back to Pinecone Burke.  This time our goal was to reach Munro and Dennet Lake.  There are two approaches to reach these lakes, the short one and the long one.  We did the second one.

We started from Harper Road.


We were walking on the road and after one hour we took Village Lake Trail.  Actually, we were walking on the one road that reaches the cabin area of the abandoned ski village.  At the end of the road we found the remains of an old Volkswagen 77.  I am still wondering what happened to this car.


And then, into the bushes.  We descended into a creek and we walked into a vigorous second growth forest.


We reached an intersection where you can go to the cabins or just keep going.  We stopped here and we had lunch.  Oh, I forgot, the snow started to show up.  Did I tell you this was a muddy trail? well, besides mud we got snow, running water, fallen trees, wet roots, rocks and fortunately, yellow markers everywhere.


Finally we reached the first lake, Munro Lake, or what is left of it. This lake has shrunken since its dam was removed but the lake is revegetating with a variety of marsh plants.


We make our way around the lake and then we crossed a creek bed before we started our final ascent.


We climbed 130 meters and again the snow appeared.  Then we found a tiny lake that some people may think is Dennett Lake.


Wrong my friends, you still need to cross the creek.


And then, two minutes later you reach Dennett Lake, this lake has a rampart of cliffs behind it.  Unfortunately the light was low and the camera couldn't get good pictures of it.  I was thinking to do a loop, from this lake you can reach Burke Ridge Trail and go back to the road.  Unfortunately the Trail was completely covered by snow so we had to take the same way back.  I think that my friends didn't like the idea, besides that when I was looking for the trail "something big" was making noises very close to me.


Trip Time: 9:30 hours (including breaks)
We started at 230 m
We finished at 960 m
Round trip: Around 20.4 kms

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