Spirit Park

Pacific Spirit Park

This park is adjacent to the University of British Columbia.  There are more than 50 km of trails for different uses.  Our trip has only 8 km.

Start at West 16th Avenue at Discovery Street, next to the playing fields.

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The trail is called "Huckleberry Trail", follow this trail and then cross "Top Trail'

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Cross "Sasamat Trail"

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Turn left at "Hemlock Trail"

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Following "Hemlock Trail" you cross "Council Trail"

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Turn left at "Imperial Trail"

6-left-at-imperial.JPG (79938 bytes)

Turn left to pick up "Hemlock Trail"

7-meet-hemlock-south-right.JPG (73596 bytes)

After 800 meters, go right on "Sasamat Trail"

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Turn Right on "Clinton Trail"

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After crossing Musqueam Creek you will arrive at a semi-open space close to Southwest Marine Drive.  This is half of the hike.  Head northwest on "Salish Trail" bordering  an ecological reserve

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Again is "Imperial Trail", turn left and walk 150 meters.

11-Left-at-imperial.JPG (72042 bytes)

Then you find "Salish Trail", turn right.

12-Right-at-Salish.JPG (43286 bytes)

Walk 400 meters on "Salish", turn right on "Council Trail"

13-Right-at-Council.JPG (52423 bytes)

You will cross another trail, keep going

14-Cross-trail.JPG (29515 bytes)

Then you meet with "Sasamat Trail", turn left.

15-Left-at-Sasamat.JPG (45403 bytes) 

In the next junction go right to pick up "Huckleberry Trail"

16-Right-at-Huclkeberry.JPG (52390 bytes)

Cross "Top Trail", keep going to back at 16th Avenue and Discovery Street

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Trip Time: 2:30 hours (including breaks)
Round trip: Around 8 kilometres

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