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Statlu Lake (Chehalis)

This beautiful lake is surrounded for beautiful mountains but you have to drive 39 km over a logging road.

On our way up, we were passed by the local club of "Toyota Land Cruisers" owners

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Then we crossed Elbow Lake and Chehalis River

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Before we reached Chehalis Lake there is a fork that goes left.  If you go there, this is the fork that you must follow if you want to reach the lake.

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The last kilometres were driven next to Chehalis Lake.  We keep driving and before the bridge over Chehalis River we turned left (Elev: 246m, 49.422:124.069)

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The last 5 km has numerous water bars (we counted 72 on the last 4.5 kms)

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Now I realized how right were the people who told me that RAVs, CRVs, Trackers, and similar small SUVs have a hard time on places like this.

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Two bridges in quick succession shows the trail that starts up on an old road (left side).  I already left the car ready for for our way back. (Km 4.4 from Large Bridge - Elev: 397 m, 49.3048:122.0180)

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The road only lasts a few meters, then you start a well-marked trail

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Before the lake there is a tributary gully near the top of the waterfall.  You can have a beautiful view of the falls coming from the lake but the rocks are slippery in some places and completely slippery when they are wet (or frozen), it's like a toboggan.  If you fall you will have a complete view of the falls before you meet with a certain death.  Three people have already died.  As you see, still one of our hikers wanted to see the falls.

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5 minutes later we reached Statlu Lake, the place where Chehalis River is born

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Between those mountains lies another lake, it can be reached using Brotherhood Trail.

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But before you need to cross two large rock slides.

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What I can say, it's an incredible beautiful place

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Click here to see video (344 KB)

Trip Time: 2:30 hours (including breaks)
We started at 400 m
We finished at 580 m
Round trip: Around 4 kms

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