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A record fall of rain was just beginning in the Lower Mainland.  This time I didn't want to hike but instead, find new routes for possible winter and spring hikes.  

This time I headed to the east side of Stave Lake.  I decided to explore some of the 4WD roads left after intensive logging.

On my way I discovered the entrance Mt Benedict trail and then we passed Davis Lake.  Davis Lake is a popular place for hardcore 4WD fans.

We saw some ponds larger than usual because of the intensive rains.

100-0005_IMG.JPG (55708 bytes)

Then we crossed the bridge over Lost Creek.

100-0009_IMG.JPG (37414 bytes)

Lost Creek Fsr leads to a vast jumble of logging roads.  There are a lots of places where you can do camping.  This place is very close place to the city with a lot of bush

100-0011_IMG.JPG (41759 bytes)

On the west side we hardly have views of Golden Ears peaks.  

100-0012_IMG.JPG (23911 bytes)

We continue all our way up to the mountain and after km 15 the road was only passable by 4x4.  I was driving on the north part of the mainline.  The slope is well over 45-degrees plus the rain plus the water-bars, some wrecked cars, hmm, I decided to come back.

A last glimpse of Terepocki creek.

100-0014_IMG.JPG (34376 bytes)

On our way back I found the entrance for Kenyon Lake.  Somehow the road was deactivated, a new hike is on the books :)

100-0015_IMG.JPG (50346 bytes)

Then, on Km 10 I drove down on Cypress Point Road.  Three kilometres after crossing the bridge the road was covered by water.  I didn't want to abuse my good luck, time to go back to the "main" road.  The main interest on Cypress Point Road is the possibility of launching a canoe at Cypress Point and paddling to the head of Steve Lake from where you can access Mount Judge Howay.

100-0018_IMG.JPG (50596 bytes)

Then a quick stop on Cascade Falls Regional Park.  The Park really deserves that name, unfortunately the rain made impossible to take pictures but I manage to take a short video (WMV Format - Low resolution) - 548 KB

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