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Time to hit the mountains again.  After my vacations I was thinking of finding new hiking and snowshoeing routes.  This time I was trying to find the trail to Mount St Benedict.   Before arriving to Davis Lake I took an 4WD road on my right.

After 600 msn (1970 ft) I knew I was going to find snow.  I parked my truck and then I headed into an old road thinking this was the way to the mountain.

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Happens that I was wrong.  I came back and I decided to walk on the main road. At 650 msn I found snow on the road.  I tried to walk a little bit more but the snow was really wet.

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On my way back I saw two ATVs going up.  They were hunters teaching their little children how to hunt. 

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On this road you can see some burned wreckages including this almost new truck.

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But the main attraction was this little car in the middle of the road.  Maybe some young dudes stole the car and drove up to here and burned it.

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After my unsuccessful attempt to Mt Benedict I decided to pay a short visit to Davis Lake.  Even in winter this lake looks like a mirror, reflecting the mountain and the trees as their constant companions.  This place represents unique ecology that is not commonly found in the Lower Mainland area, including a virtually pure western hemlock stand and prime bird habitat.

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That's the reason why the access road to the lake has been deactivated.  The access is walk-in only, but still some jerks don't like to follow the rules.  The guy on the left had big problems to pull-out his ATV from this big hole.  He had to winch it, a dangerous procedure if you don't know how to do it.

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Driving Distance from Downtown Vancouver:  116 km (72.5 miles)

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