Campbell Lake
Coliseum Mountain
Davis Lake
Deer Lake
Dennett Lake
Grouse Mountain
Hayward Lake
Iona Beach
Mount Woodside
Mike Lake
Munro Lake
Lost Creek Fsr
Lost Lake
Pacific Spirit Park
Pitt Wildlife
Statlu Lake
Wilson Lake
Minnekhada Regional Park

A cold front was coming from the north and the roads were icy and slippery.  I decided to stay close to the city and a short loop around Minnekhada sounded tempting.

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You have the choice of colour-coded routes to either right or left.  I you choose right, you come to a marsh area.

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Then you arrived to a picnic area, a small pool used in summer time and a lodge that is sometimes open to the public.  The mountains on the front are home of one of my favourites hikes, Munro and Dennet Lakes

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Now having the forest as your constant companion there is a viewpoint called Addington Marsh Viewpoint.  In a clear day there are views of UBC Malcom Knapp Research Forest with the great peaks of Golden Ears beyond.

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After retracing our steps we have a view over the marsh from Low Knoll.

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Retracing our steps, we took a sharp rise route to High Knoll lookout.  Unfortunately the clouds weren't friendly and we had to leave to our imagination the view of the valley.

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On the return, we had access to the marsh dykes from where you may do bird watching.

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Driving distance from Downtown Vancouver: 44.1 km (27.5 miles)

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