Campbell Lake
Coliseum Mountain
Davis Lake
Deer Lake
Dennett Lake
Grouse Mountain
Hayward Lake
Iona Beach
Mount Woodside
Mike Lake
Munro Lake
Lost Creek Fsr
Lost Lake
Pacific Spirit Park
Pitt Wildlife
Statlu Lake
Wilson Lake
Deer Lake

Sasquatch Provincial Park has a series of small lakes, you can enjoy camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, and picnicking. 

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"Juanca I" - Juan's first boat

If you visit this park, please be aware that Swimmers Itch - cercarial dermatitis - may be present in any of these lakes.  

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Swimmers Itch is a patchy red pinpoint skin rash associated with itching on the parts of the body that have been in the water.  The cause of swimmers itch are trematode parasites of aquatic/migrating birds.  This time I didn't see any of those birds.

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Juan Pablo - Captain of the main boat

The lakes and streams in the park provide excellent fish habitat for over ten species of fish from the sturgeon, smelt, salmon, catfish, and stickleback families.

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Enjoying "Juanca I"

The park was created in 1959 and the original name was Green Point Park.  In 1968 the adjacent lands containing Hicks, Deer, and Trout Lakes were added.

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Deer Lake

Then, the park was renamed Sasquatch Park after the legendary Bigfoot, who is alleged to have roamed the area.

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There is trail called The Deer Lake Trail.  This trail does no go all around the lake and is approximately 2 km return.   

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Angel sleeping

The last 100 meters are really bushy, you should carry a machete if you want to completely ended it.  At the end there is a slide that may be tricky to crossed it.

Walking on this trail I saw a tailed frog.

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The park was almost entirely clear-cut at one time.  The last logging operations ceased in the 1950s.  This park supports a typical second-growth cedar-hemlock stand approximately fifty to sixty years old.

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Round trip: 291 kilometers (181 miles)

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