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Another rainy Sunday.  This time we choose a hike that we couldn't finish two years ago.  Our objective was to reach Campbell Lake.

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The trail is quite steep in some sections.  The first part of the trail goes on an abandoned logging road.  Sooner or later you reach the Tower No. 92.  From the tower, there is a viewpoint of the valley, but like two years ago, the clouds were obstructing the view.

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You need to cross several bridges and stairs, some of them are in bad shape, you better watch your step!

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Finally we arrived to the old helicopter pad.  Unfortunately we couldn't see Harrison River/Lake.  After hitting the helipad the majority of the ascent has been done.

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Last year the snow stopped us at this point, but without snow we keep going.

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The last part of the hike goes through the woods to a fallen log bridge.  I don't think is a good idea to use the bridge.  It may take a little longer but at least you will end safely on the other side.

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Then we reached another abandoned road.

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Then you start to walk down and you may cross some runoff creeks.  I wouldn't recommend doing this hike in early spring, otherwise you have to walk on logs if you want to reach the lake.

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Round trip: 9 km (5.6 miles)
Elevation gain: 610 m (2000 ft)
Time: 5 hours

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Round trip: 264 km (165 miles)

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