On a rainy day we decided to do a short hike close to the town of Port Coquitlam, the geographical centre of the Lower Mainland. To reach this place, from Highway 7 go north on Coast Meridian Road. On almost to the end of Coast Meridian turn right on Harper Road, following the road as it climbs Mount Burke. Park beside a gate next to the Coquitlam Gun Club and begin pumping uphill from here.

Many trails start from this point, for Woodland Walk Trail you need to go left. This trail soon divides, on a sunny day follow Coquitlam Lakeview Trail heading off to the right

Woodland and Lakeview Trail are crossed in several places by the rough - and renowed - Sawblade Trail -- used by mountain bikers --. Woodland is the gentlest route of several created by the Burke Mountain Naturalists fromt the maze of abandoned logging and skid roads on the ridge.

We followed the old logging road through second growth forest, traversing a power-line cut and keeping left, we saw a fine waterfall before reentering the trees to keep doing our circuit.

Along the hike you will be feel dwarfed by large cedar stumps and some trees that for wherever reason survived the arrival of loggers less than a century ago

For a hot summer's day, this walk provides a lot of shade.

After finishing our circuit, we turned back once again with views of the power line. Power lines are one of the components of the transmission networks designed by engineers to transport the energy as efficiently as possible.

This is a popular mountain biking destination, but don't expect many of them around this walk, at the beggining of the walk there is a collapsed bridge.

It is not advisable to cross at this point, in our case we went uphill and found a safe place for our crossing. Very soon we arrived to the main road, where we turned right towards the parking lot.

Round trip: 8 km (5 miles)
Elevation Gain: 180 m (590 ft)
Time: 3 hours

Driving distance from Vancouver: 35 km (22.2 miles)


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