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Wilson Lake

The "Trailhead" to Wilson Lake starts at around 30 km up the Chehalis FSR.  Well, it is really an old logging road that in some parts is in very rough shape.

If you have a normal car, you better leave it on Chehalis FSR, but with a high clearance 4WD you can drive maybe 300 meters before you reach the creek. 

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Exploring backroads is one of the reasons why many people like to go off-roading.  The trail to Wilson Lake is one of those washed roads shared by equal by hikers and off-roaders.

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The road in some parts is quite nice to walk, but for the most part it looks like the picture below.

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Gerty Creek flows out of Wilson Lake.  We were close to our destination.

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I know it was quite early to attempt this hike but I didn't want to share the road with ATVs or other vehicles. 

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Still one guy was able to drive up to the end of the road, but the snow stopped him.  From here it is only a 200 meters walk but some people with lazy butts prefer to keep driving.

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Finally we reached the lake, this is a nice spot for fishing.  For someone looking for camping, there isn't much available.

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Wilson is a small lake of 47 ha. (116 ac.)

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Got snow?

And here we are, once again on the land of The Sasquatch.  You can still hear the old stories of women kidnapped by the Sasquatch - hair covered giant men, often over 8 ft tall -

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In the 1920's and 30's there were many reports of the monsters wandering in the Chehalis-Harrison Mills area.  Keep that in mind if you spend the night on this area ;)

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The overgrown alder made our return a little bit difficult.

100-0066_IMG.JPG (88723 bytes)

One hour later, we found some drivers defying the road.  10 years ago the road was not very challenging but is just amazing to see what water can do.

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This guy broke his truck's differential (I presume crossing the river) and he was going up 2WD and using his winch.  Winching is a very dangerous technique, a frayed cable can cut skin to the bone and even kill someone in the range of the cable.

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Off-roaders are seen by some as environmental vandals and some environmental advocates push the government to deactived primitive roads in areas of isolation and scenic beauty.

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To be fair, I don't see a problem if the vehicle users adhere to the Tread Lightly principles -- a set of common-sense rule for low-impact travel by vehicle.

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Distance: 8 km return
Elevation Gain: 450 metres

Round trip: 260 km

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