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Grouse Mountain (From Downtown)

Without the Philadelphia collar I feel like a dog chewing a new bone.  I wanted to walk but without a car I couldn't get out of the city.  I think I found the perfect excuse to visit Grouse Mountain but this time I decided to walk from my home.

On my way I cross Stanley Park, Vancouver's first park.  The park abounds in wildlife and its features appeal to the naturalist, the plant lover or one who would do nothing more than relax in beautiful surroundings.

Very soon I reached The Lions Gates Bridge.  In 1939 it was officially opened by King George VII and Queen Elizabeth.  At that time it was the longest suspension bridge in the British Empire.  

From there you have spectacular views of the North Shore, Stanley Park and the cruises crossing the bridge underneath.

Finally I arrived to the Grouse Grind, Vancouver's most famous hike.  The length is 2.9 km (1.8 miles) with an elevation gain of 853 metres (2,800 feet).  For me this hike is a joke, people competing all the time trying to prove than they are better than others.  The record time is 27:18 minutes, the second time that I did it took me 50 minutes.  But today, with an ailing neck I decided to take it easy and I did in under two hours.

You can see a collection of 16 foot (4.9 metres) tall wooden sculptures carved by chainsaw artist Glen Greensides.

The Lumberjack Show shows lumberjacks climbing 60-foot trees in a matter of seconds, axe-throwing competitions and log-rolling.

There is a "sanctuary" where you can see two orphaned grizzly bears and a pack of grey wolves.  Hopefully some day the terrain will be expanded to 10 acres.

Recently it was an experiment of having both species sharing the same space.  On May 25th, one of the grizzlies killed one of the wolves while fighting over a bone.

Wolves and European brown bears have been kept successfully in German and Swedish zoos for years.  Seems that in Canada is a different story.

Proof that I was there!

Length one way: 16 km (10 miles) 
Elevation gain: 1128 metres (3700 ft)
Time: 5.5 hours 


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