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After my visit to the Buddhist Temple I went to Iona Beach.  This place is next to the Vancouver International Airport.  This is a great spot to see planes landing and taking off.  Close by there is a gigantic sewer pipe (courtesy of the Iona Sewage Plant) that you can ride on it.  

You can arrange a visit calling to (604) 261-6321 to see how our pee and poo gets cleaned out and sent out into the ocean.  You will be surprised to find how out how hygienic sewage treatment is.  By the way, there is not smell but this beach wouldn't be my first choice for a picnic.

Today I was in the mood to do a little bit of outing and I headed towards North Arm Jetty. With winter weather in this area often drier than other parts of the Lower Mainland, Iona Beach Regional Park can be a great escape on a rainy day. There are also magnificent scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities in the park.

More than 300 species of birds feed and rest at Iona Beach Regional Park, making it critical that dogs be kept under control at all times to avoid harassing migratory birds.

North Arm Jetty (3 km from Parking Lot)

Closed by, is the North Fraser Port Authority fiber recovery industrial area.  This place is closed to the public, but you can walk along the beach below the high tide line.  You need to be alert to incoming tides.

There is a small nudist beach on the area, but is not as popular as Wreck Beach.  I believe that one of the reasons may be that this beach is not the best for swimming.  This is a good place If you are looking for solitude and want to have a sun bath naked, although, if you are a woman I wouldn't recommend going alone. 

Two lengthy jetties shelter the beach as they stretch out into the Strait of Georgia. The banks of Iona Jetty are lined with concrete riprap (you know, the gigantic sewer pipe), while North Arm Jetty is much sandier.  The one that you can walk or bike on is Iona Jetty (next to the parking lot).

Just in case, crabs bite!

On a clear day you can see Mount Baker to the east, the Coast Mountains to the north with Pacific Spirit Regional Park in the foreground, and the open water of the Strait of Georgia with a profile of the Vancouver Island Mountains to the west.

Walking distance: 6 km roundtrip (3.75 miles)

Driving distance from Buddhist Temple: 20.6 km (12.88 miles)


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