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Coliseum Mountain
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This strenuous hike is located in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver.  This place is a hidden jewel, located just out of sight of the uppermost homes on Lynn Valley Road.

To reach the trail you must cross the bridge after the parking lot.

From the bridge you have views of Lynn Creek.  After crossing the bridge you will see a hiker registration board.  Your own safety you should fill the questionnaire.  

Then you go left and follow the first 1.7 km of the trail that at this point is called Lynn Loop Trail.  After this, you should keep your right and keep going on the now called Cedars Mill Trail

An ancient logging road serves as a trail and leads off into the park.  After 2.0 km you see an open space where you will reach a junction, this time you have to go left.  

All along the trail is a casual “museum” of rusting logging and mining equipment, and sections of wire-wrapped wooden water pipes dating from the time when the Lynn watershed kept Vancouver from being thirsty.

I got passed by a group of hikers that coincidentally were doing the same hike. On the ascent I left them behind, usually I don't like to take breaks when walking.

Finally I reached the junction where Headwaters Trail ends.  So far 6.5 km, many people reach this point to have views of Norvan Falls and head back to the parking lot.  This place is the beginning (or ending) of three hikes:

- Hanes Valley Route
- Lynn Lake (one kilometre on Hanes Valley)
- Coliseum Mountain

Until now, the hike was mostly on flat terrain but despite the benign appearance I was starting to get mentally prepared for the tricky weather and difficult terrain ahead of me.

I still have to hike 4.3 km towards the peak.  The day was cloudy and somehow I have mixed feelings.  I was going to miss the views but I don't think that 1.5 litres of  water were enough on a sunny day.

I was measuring very carefully my time.  At this time of the year the park gates open at 8 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.  If after 7 p.m. the rangers see your car in the parking lot they will start a "rescue mission"



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