This is what I call a wet hike. Blue Mountain, within Katzie First Nation territory, is the spectacular backyard wilderness of Maple Ridge, BC. Until five years ago, this place was open for fourwheelers by looks like now is only open for motocross and Enduro Trail Riders enthusiasts.

For dirt bikers, these trails are very technical, they are wet, rooty, and steep. This is a favourite place for good intermediate riders who like tight and tough rides.

Blue Mountain is a victim of its own popularity. The soft loam that forms much of the area's trails has been severely rutted by years of motorbiking. One of the more popular trails is the Humphill Downhill, but with the number of side trails, it might take new dirt bikers a while to figure it out. Another popular trail is the Muzz, complete with wooden sidewalks, or corduroys, to get dirt bikers over the really muddy sections.

But this is the time of the year where you don't see dirt bikers at higher elevations. I wasn't sure of doing this hike but I wanted to get familiar with this place for future winter outings.

I was trying to follow a route (marked as blue) that I planned the night before. I was prepared to do a long hike but the rain make me tried to use an alternate route (marked as red). In certain point I got lost, the GPS didn't work as expected and I got completely disoriented. I hate when this kind of things happen to me, this time the compass was really handy. The last time I took coordinates, I knew I was travelling North, after 30 minutes I was able to get out.

Once I figured out the way out of the bush, I did some further exploration, I was only 200 metres away from the peak but a steep wall was bigger than my desire to reach the peak. For a few moments the rain stopped and I have some views of the River and Fraser Valley.

Some years ago the BC Forest Service was proposing that Blue Mountain’s forests be logged for the short-term profit of a few companies. When the local residents heard of the proposal for logging the 80-year old forest, they didn't like it a bit. Because of the complaints the logging plans were temporarily put on hold. Still, I saw some logging on the lower part of this second-growth forest.

Round trip: 15 km (9.4 miles)
Started at 285 m (935 ft)
Finished at 846 m (2775 ft)
Time: 6 hours
Elevation gain: 561 m (1840 ft)

Driving Distance = 56 km (33.7 miles)

To reach Blue Mountain, travel east of Maple Ridge on Dewdney Trunk Road, then turn north on either 256th Street or McNutt Road. Trails begin from the gates at the end of each road.

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