Last weekend in one of my outings (either Garibaldi or Seymour) I hurt my shoulder, more specifically my rotator cuff (the 4 muscles that keep the shoulder steady as the arm moves) -- oh man, that hurts specially at night--, so today I decided to go easy and I went on Halvor Lunden Trail.

The Halvor Lunden (Eagle Ridge) Trail is comprised of the Lindsay Lake Loop, Swan Falls Loop and Dilly Dally Loop. The trailhead is located on Powerhouse Road, near the southeast corner of the South Beach parking area of Buntzen Lake.


The person who developed the trail system around Buntzen Lake is called Halvor Lunden. Besides this trail system, he has built many more. The first trail he ever built was the High Creek Falls Trail, northwest of Squamish.

Go right

The trail is relatively easy for the first 15 minutes, starting out level and then gradually inclining. But then, the steeper slope was the begginning of a great cardio-boost.

Up! Up! Up!

Very soon I arrived to Polytrichum Lookout. This would be a fine day destination if you want to soak in Buntzen Lake later on. It`s only a 4 km roundtrip with a decent elevation gain. From the lookout you can name the peaks across the inlet west of Buntzen Lake, Mount Seymour. Elsay and Bishop.

Polytrichum Lookout - Mt Seymour, Elsay and Bishop

At 800m the snow started to appear and I had some problems finding the route. In summer this part of the trail is embedded with tree roots. I read reports of people getting lost on this area. Two nearby hikes, Dilly Dally trail and Indian Arm Trail are often root of confusion, the junction is often missed and some people go on the Indian Arm instead of Dilly Dally. Over twelve hikers have already been rescued, they were travelling north thinking they were going south ... for 8 hours

This reminds me the last hike I did with my boss, that was 6 years ago on Elaho Valley. In one junction I insisted in going left but he was totally convinced in keep going. Like sheeps accepting his shepherd's wise decisions, we keep going and we were lost for more than one hour. Since that day, I became a black sheep hiker.

Back to my hike, very soon I reached El Paso Junction, I decided to go right towards the Lakes District looking to end my hike on Lindsay Lake.

Reaching First Pump

This trail brings a good example of a drainage basin (in North America is called watershed) where water from rain or snowmelt drains downhill into Buntzen and Coquitlam Lakes.

Robin Lake

Drainage basins are important elements to consider in ecology. As water flows over the ground and along rivers it can pick up nutrients, sediment, and pollutants. Like the water, they get transported towards the outlet of the basin, and can affect the ecological processes along the way as well as in the receiving water body.

The adjacent rivers and lakes offers a good place for the formation of swamps and therefore you can expect a lot of mosquitoes if coming in summer. I believe the copper color common on many of these lakes is product of tannins from decaying vegetation.

Second Pump and Mount Seymour

This area was was originally slated to be logged in 1987 but the Pocket Wilderness Coalition requested and obtained a two year deferral of logging.

Some of the oldest members of our communities can remember a time when old growth forests stretched from saltwater to horizon. By 1930 we were arguing over whether or not to preserve the last old growth stand in Surrey. We didn't.

Nancycatch Creek

You need to do your little part for helping in preserving our environment, little things like recycling, and buying/fixing used products can make a big difference. In Costco, a while ago I saw a nice dinning table, made in Malaysia. Over 70 per cent of Indonesia`s forest have been lost, the natural habitat of the now highly endangered orangutans. Unsuspecting American consumers are purchasing these products from major US retailers (like Costco), unaware they are contributing to the demise of the world's orangutans.

My $30 used x-country skis

At the end I lost the trail marks and I was unable to reach Lindsay Lake, however I had a fun day. All thanks to Halvor Lunden who with his hard work is allowing us to follow in his footsteps to have a clear path and perfect view of BC's majestic landscapes.

1. Elev: 160m N49:20.167' W122:51.355' Trailhead
2. Elev: 226m N49:20.150' W122:51.046' Junction, go right
3. Elev: 652m N49:20.167' W122:50.122' Polytrichum Lookout
4. Elev: 799m N49:20.230' W122:49.841' Snow
5. Elev: 928m N49:20.788' W122:49.540' El Paso Junction
6. Elev: 986m N49:21.156' W122:49.674' Nancycatch Junction
7. Elev:1091m N49:21.451' W122:49.803' End of hike

Round trip 14.4 km (9 mi)
Elevation gain 940 m (3083 ft)
Recommended time 7 hours

Driving distance from Vancouver: 30 km (18.75 miles)


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