Baden-Powell (Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon)

November 4, 2007

The Baden-Powell Trail is a 48-kilometre route stretching from Deep Cove in North Vancouver to a shy distance from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.

To reach the trailhead, drive to Deep Cove. Just as downtown Deep Cove begins, you'll see Panorama Drive. Turn left and park in the public lots on your right.

Panorama Park

Today we decided to do the first section of the trail. Hiroshi left the Hiromobile on Deep Cove and Juanmobile was left waiting for us in Lynn Canyon.

The trailhead is between two houses on Panorama drive (2501 Panorama to be more precise). The orange squares nailed to the trees are the ones that you need to follow.

Some of these bridges were built by Capilano College volunteers

The forest quickly takes over as soon as you hit the trail. Western hemlock and western red cedar replace houses and backyards.

After 40 minutes there is a clearing with a view of the power line, right into the forest there is a rocky bluff with views of Deep Cove, Belcarra and Burnaby Mountain. A little bit farther, under a power pylon, is another granite massif with sigthlines to Buntzen and Eagle ridges.

Deep Cove

Coming back from the viewpoint you will cross a dirt road and then go left to pick up the trail. Eventually Indian River Drive is reached, from there you need to go westward 500 metres and after 25 minutes of walking you will reach Mount Seymour Road. After carefully crossing the road you will see the trailheads for Old Buck Trail, Mushroom Trail and Good Samaritan Trail.

Severed Dick is a popular mountain bike trail on the North Shore. I wonder what happened to name a trail with such colorfoul name.

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You will start to lose elevation as you keep descending towards Seymour River. After 30 minutes there is an encounter with civilization, Hyannis Drive. Once again the road needs to be cross and you will feel like you are wandering through backyards.

Very soon the trail joins with the path that runs along the east side of the Seymour River, go left. You will reach another urban area, take the trail heading down to the river and a metal bridge. 

Under this bridge, the Seymour River thunders through a narrow gorge. From its headwaters at Loch Lomond, the Seymour River trickles about 11 kilometres southeast, picking up speed and volume as it is joined by hundreds of feeder creeks. The Seymour Dam has flooded about 7 kilometres of the old river valley, turning it into Seymour Lake, one of the reservoirs on which the Greater Vancouver area depends for drinking water.

After smelling and listening to the river, take a deep breath for a short steep grunt up stairs and trail.

Seymour River

The path levels into a quiet forest, then crosses a concrete pipeline and emerges under a power line. An easy walk leads to Lillooet Road, after crossing the road go left for 50 meters to pick up the continuation of the Baden-Powell Trail.

Following a boardwalk and a marshy ground you will reach Lynn Creek.

Lynn Creek

About 15 minutes later, you will cross and hear Twin Falls. This is Lynn Canyon Park. You have the option to reach the parking lot either on the east side (crossing the suspension bridge) or the west side.

Download Video of the Hike - 0:56 minutes
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4. N 49.3281 W 122.9502 Elev: 10m Trailhead
5. N 49.3431 W 123.0191 Elev: 138m Lynn Valley Parking Lot

Roundtrip length: 12 km (7.5 miles)
Time: 4 hours
Elevation gain: 405 m (1328 ft)

Download route in GTM format available for free at
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Driving distance from Vancouver: 18 kilometers / 11.25 miles (0.5 hours)

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