Admiralty Point Trail

April 11, 2010

To reach the trailhead, if coming from the west, turn left onto Ioco Road from Highway 7A at the eastern end of Port Moody. Follow 1st Ave. as it becomes Bedwell Bay Rd. To get to Belcarra Picnic Area (trailhead), continue on Bedwell Bay Rd. to the three-way stop. Turn left, travel uphill to Tum-tumay-whueton Drive and keep right to the Picnic Area parking lot.

Anglers and crabbers use the dock at Belcarra as an excuse to spend some time in the outdoors. Water quality is often suspect, especially for its effect on bottom feeders, but this doesn't keep fishermen from enjoying their catch.

The trailhead starts below the concession stand on the south side just above the shore.

Cerise Creek Trailhead
Top: Boulder Island
Lower Right: Trailhead

Heading south, you first cross a footbridge, then a road leading to a piece of private property before beginning to rise in a pleasant forest to continue a little above the waters of Indian Arm's southern reach. As you proceed, you will note small cleared areas with their garden flowers gone wild, the few relics of squatters' homes from the 1930s. Next comes Cod Rock, your first extended viewpoint, with the trail descending to sea level at Maple Beach.

Cod Rock

Five minutes more brings you to a major fork. Left takes you on towards your destination, right a few steps to Admiralty Point.

Duffey Lake

In Admiralty Point where the waters of the Arm meet those of Burrard Inlet, you may enjoy the view down the inlet to the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge or lift up your eyes to Mount Seymour.

Admiralty Point

Be careful when walking, you may step on Banana slugs. Banana slugs are usually bright yellow (giving rise to the banana sobriquet) although they may also be green, brown, or white. Some slugs have black spots which may be so extensive as to make the animal look almost solid black.

Back to the trail, you first find yourself down at Whiteshell Bank before rising fairly steeply prior to your final descent to the end of the trail at a bluff above Burns Point, with its sheer drop-off and its views up, down and across the inlet.

Top: Banana Slug, Ariolimax columbianus

On a calm day, canoeists and paddlers can paddle over to explore the area around Belcarra's Admiralty Point. Just be mindful of the occasional large freighter that may be gliding slowly into one of the nearby oil terminals.

Burns Point

There are two other hikes that can be started from the parking lot, Jug Island Beach Trail and Bedwell Bay Trail.

Both trails start from the same point, go northwards from the picnic shelters through the trees and cross Bedwell Bay Road to an opening opposite.

On the first fork, go left if you want to hike Jug Island Beach Trail or right for the shorter Bedwell Bay Trail.

Lower Right: First fork, go right to follow Bedwell Bay Trail

Bedwell Bay Trail provides views of Bedwell Bay. Not as busy as the parking lot, this place is a tranquil setting, perfect for casual boat trips, water skiing and picnics.

Bedwell Bay

Historically, Bedwell Bay has been affected by a variety of land uses and marine activities. As a result, it has not been maintained as a pristine area. Industrial logging around Bedwell Bay continued throughout the first half of the 20th century, and included at least two log dumps at the head of the Bay.

Up until the 1960s, Bedwell Bay was also designated as a “Ships Graveyard” and was frequently used for the disposal of derelict vessels. In 1981, the National Harbours Board (NHB) permitted Bedwell Bay to be used as the salvage operations site for the barge Kokohead.

However, the municipality has been proactive in pursuing protective policies, and as a result, the last 25 years of sound management have brought considerable improvements to the Bedwell Bay marine and riparian habitats.

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1. 49.31229312-122.9254375 Elev 9m - Trailhead and Parking Lot
2. 49.29316897-122.9170776 Elev 13m - Burns Point

Distance One Way: 3 km (1.86 mi)
Total Time: 1.5 hours
Elevation gain: 4 m (13 ft)

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Driving Distance from Vancouver: 36 km (22 miles)
About 52 minutes