Monument 78 and Rolley Lake

Last Sunday we were heading to Manning Park.  The last kilometres were quite difficult, fortunately we were close to one of the maintenance trucks.


It was snowing when we arrived to the parking lot, I was expecting rain later on.


Anyway, we started our hike to monument 78, a 12 km one way hike.  The snow wasn't really deep but we decided to put the snowshoes on.


After we leaved the fire access road, we crossed the first bridge, which spans the Similkameen River.


Then trail was going through a beautiful Lodgepole Pine Forest but one of our hikers got some problems and we stopped our hike.  I decided to come back to Vancouver.


But you know me, this time I didn't have Plan B but I had Plan C.  I didn't want to be in home so early so we headed to Rolley Lake.  This lake is a nice place for coastal cutthroat trout and rainbow trout, camping and short walks and is less than an hour's drive from Vancouver.


There are two short walking trails, Lakeside Loop is approximately 40 minutes return and Rolley Falls is approximately 10 minutes.  We did both trails. 


This little fall is at the end of the lake and is close to the lake loop.



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