Lightning Lakes

Back again to one of my favourite places, Lightning Lakes.  If you want to remember how this place looks in Summer click here

The road was quite icy but not very difficult to drive.

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In tourist terms this place is complete opposite to Whistler, you can practice all winter sports but so far in winter I only know two tourist guide companies bringing people here (the other one is me), please correct me if I am wrong

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During late fall, winter and early spring, all backcountry trails are not maintained or patrolled.  Instead of following the normal trail, we walked on the lake.

At this time of the year, you can only visit Lightning Lake and its neighbour, Flash Lake

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Lightning Lake is a very good lake for fishing trout.  I saw a hole on the ice.  In early spring you can see a lot of bear activity.  Hopefully I am planning to be there.

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After we crossed Rainbow Bridge we started the other half of Lightning Lake
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In this part of the lake we were greeted by Grey Jays.  Some people call them "Camp Robber" because of their ability to steal food from campers.
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We crossed a small coniferous forest before we can reach Flash Lake
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At the end of Flash lake there is a short trail for the third lake and fourth lake.  At this time of the year you may go under your own risk, the avalanche risk after Flash lake is quite high.
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There is no charge to use the marked snowshoe trails but you will be yell if you dare to use your snowshoes on x-country trails.
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Roundtrip from Vancouver: 455 km (281 miles)

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