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Some people were supposed to show up today but Morpheus did an excellent job keeping them in their sleep.

This time our objective was to reach a small lake on the middle of Manning Park.

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The trail begins at Strawberry Flats parking lot.  For the most part the trail is a fire access road.  The trail gradually veers away from the road and climbs more steeply to the ski hill.

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On the sky run area you have several choices.  Hikers cross under the chair lift; cyclists and horse riders stay on the road which makes several switch backs.   At 4.5 km the two routes join again.

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From here it is possible to see the Nepopekum Falls.  We walked into an extensive forest burn area.  During the mid 1940's a number of fires occurred in Manning Park.  The results of these burn areas are the highlights of the hike, displays of wildflower meadows and berry shrubs in summer.

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We left the ski hill area.  Then we started another ascent across the shoulder of Bojo Mountain.

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On the other side there is a lovely hike (Skyline west) that has a lot of scenery.  .

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At the end of the road, you can leave your horse and/or bike and do a short ascent to the south side of the lake.  This last part of the hike can be a little wet and marshy with a few windfalls.

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Well, the lake itself is unspectacular, but is very clean.  The reason why I did this hike at this time of the year was to avoid the mosquitoes.

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Poland lake freezes over in the winter and does not thaw out until early July.

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If you don't want to return to Strawberry Flats and you have someone waiting for you, you can keep going and walk the Memaloose Trail to Allison Pass and reach the highway.

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Roundtrip from Vancouver: 460 km (288 miles)

Trail statistics:
Elevation gain: 435 m (1427 ft)
Distance roundtrip: 16 km (10 miles)

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