Silverdaisy Mountain (Sumallo Grove Approach)

August 17, 2008

To reach the northern trailhead, follow Highway #3 (Hope-Princeton Highway) 35.5km East of Hope to Sumallo Grove parking lot in Manning Provincial Park. Park here, and locate the Skagit River Trail on the southern end of the parking lot.

Follow the trail and cross the Skagit River on a bridge.

Skagit River Trail follows a section of the Whatcom Trail between 26 Mile Bridge and Sumallo Grove. Miners made use of parts of the Whatcom Trail from 1879 to 1880 as they travelled through the valley in search of gold at Ruby Creek, Washington.

The Skagit River Trail and the Skyline Trail follow sections of ancient routes first established by aboriginal people. The area also proved important to 19th century miners and settlers.

Continue south for about 15 minutes (1.4 km) to where the Silverdaisy Trail forks left from the main Skagit River Trail. Immediately before the waterfall and cabin, there is a mark on the left side.

Upper Right: Silverdaisy Mountain Trailhead

The trail switchbacks steeply uphill for 2km, then you reach a small talus slope, with a view down skagit valley. The trail continues relatively straight past this point, crossing a second small talus slope.

Eventually the trail becomes bushier, but still easy to follow, later you reach an old, deactivated road. Turn left here and once on the road, immediately turn right at the next junction

Follow the road perfectly straight, ignoring the smaller roads leading off of it. Eventually you will reach the crest of the ridge, with a newer road on the opposite side (leading to Cayuse Flats). The trail picks up here, on the left.

The old road crosses the cut made by the tramway from the old Invermay Mine. The Invermay mine produced a small amount of hand-cobbed lead, zinc, silver, gold and copper ore in the 1930s.

The "Silverdaisy" sign is attached to a tree just alongside the trail to the left, don't go straight unless you want to visit Invermay Mine.

The trail zigzags up through light trees until reaching a plateau area where the view opens up completely. The trail tends to hug the east side of the ridge, about one kilometre later there is a fair sized bowl area where you can spot a trail.

You could veer to the left slightly and climb up the open meadow directly to the main peak, however using the trail takes you along a number of undulating humps each pretending to be the summit.

Top: Silverdaisy Mountain

The top provides a panorama of mountain scenary: from nearby Hatchethead Mountain southwest along the ridge from the col, to the breathtaking sight of Hozomeen Mountain farther away in the sourth and the high country of the Cascade Divide

Silverdaisy Mountain is located in the "Manning Park hole" a small area completely surrounded by park but not itself a park. This is because of the Silver Queen mine which predated the creation of the park.

Silvertip Mountain

At 2596 m (8517 ft), Silvertip is the highest mountain in the Skagit area of the Cascade Mountains.

Hatchethead Mountain and Hozameen on the background

If you doodle too much along the trail looking at the old mines and old cabins you won't have enough time to make the summit (unless you are planning an overnight stay).

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01. 49.2094-121.0797 Elev 579 m Parking Lot
02. 49.1985-121.0756 Elev 579 m Silverdaisy Mountain Trailhead
03. 49.1836-121.0455 Elev 1424 m Follow the road perfectly straight
04. 49.1770-121.0365 Elev 1548 m Ignore smaller road leading off of road
05. 49.1716-121.0250 Elev 1773 m Go left then right
06. 49.1838-121.0300 Elev 2059 m Silverdaisy Mountain

Distance One Way: 11 km (6.83 mi)
Total Time: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 1480 m (4855 ft)

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Driving distance from Vancouver: 183 km (114 mi)
About 2 hours 5 mins

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