Blowdown Pass
Carpenter Lake
Cayoosh Pass
Cerise Creek
Joffre Lakes
Marriott Meadows
Mount Rohr
Rohr Lake
Seton Ridge
Tenquille Lake
Twin Lakes
Marriott Meadows

I know this area very well, and I was with the desire of doing some alpine hiking.    

Before you can reach the trailhead you need to drive 2 kilometres onto the Cayoosh Creek Forest Service Road.  I already knew that the last kilometre is muddy and covered by water for that reason I decided to walk the last kilometre before the trailhead.  I do not regret that decision, in several points the road was only ice.

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In this place I have my last year face-to-face bear encounter and for that reason I left one of my friends to go ahead of me.  I run faster than him.  The temperature is going to ceros very fast and some frozen creeks are witness of the early coming of winter.

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For me there are two parts of the hike where you have to be very careful.  The first part is the crossing to the west side of Cayoosh Creek.  There are two crossings, I like to take the left crossing.

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We arrived to an open area where you can see some meadows, Cayoosh Creek and steep walls of mountains surrounding the valley.

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From here we were really close to our final destination.

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But then it came the second difficult part of the hike, the crossing of the boulders before going into a short but steep trail before reaching the talus slopes of the south-east side of the lake.

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You can see some meadows before reaching the lake.

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And then the upper lake.  If you keep going west you can reach the shoreline and then a quick walk allows you to reach the Wendy Thompson Memorial Hut.  But our real objective was to see the lake.  This lake is the same one that some of you can see in our 2003 Calendar

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Here you have two links if you want to see a video:

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