Blowdown Pass
Carpenter Lake
Cayoosh Pass
Cerise Creek
Joffre Lakes
Marriott Meadows
Mount Rohr
Rohr Lake
Seton Ridge
Tenquille Lake
Twin Lakes
Rohr Lake

This time our objective was trying to reach a small lake.  The day was sunny and somehow we ended creating our own route.

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After a quite hard ascent we reached a viewpoint on the mountains where we had a short break.  On the background, on our left we have views of Mt. Matier and Mt. Joffre.

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I know the way to Marriott Meadows and its branch to Rohr Lake but I am not familiar with this part of the mountain.  We went downhill to find the original route.

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Then, we started our final ascent to Rohr Lake.  

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Time for lunch.  Baby Chow was hungry too

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At this point we have to stop.  The lake is after you climb the steep bench.  This place has a lot of activity bear during the summer.  It's very easy to find track of bears, if you are planning to spend a night on this place you better hung your food and tune your ears for thumps and bangs in the night.

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From this point you may reach Mount Rohr.  I want to hike this peak in summer.  After the lake, the route becomes indistinct and you may need to follow goat trails to reach the peak.

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The name Rohr came from Father Victor Rohr who was the Oblate missionary to the Indians in the region between Skookumchuck and Williams Lake in the first half of the 20th century.

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Returning to my hike in summer, I want to reach Mt Rohr and maybe spend the night in Thompson Hut before doing a loop on Marriott Basin Trail.

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Donations such as a tent -- not very heavy please --, a sleeping bag, etc are kindly accepted ;)

Total Elevation Gain: 400 m (1312 ft)

Waypoints: Geo-WGS84
50:23.197-122:27.696 Elev: 1285 m = Start of Marriott road
50:24.309-122:27.756 Elev: 1430 m = Trailhead off Marriott road
50:24.600-122:27.499 Elev: 1512 m = Rohr Lake Trail branches to right
50:24.718-122:26.954 Elev: 1672 m = Bottom of Bench

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Round trip from Vancouver: 370 km (231.5 miles)

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