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Carpenter Lake
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This summer I would like to see Grizzlies (Ursus Horribilis) in their natural habitat.  One of the best places in the southwestern of British Columbia to see them is into the pristine wilderness of the South Chilcotin mountains.  But first I need to learn how to reach those mountains.  In the meantime we were welcomed by one of the neighbors

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After leaving Lillooet, we headed to Carpenter Lake and I started my first exploration into the Chilcotin Mountains.  

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A quick break on Carol Lake.

There are some unmentioned hiking trails on this area, we took this abandoned road to see if we can find one of those trails.

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After a while we were stopped by some logs on the road.  I cut this one but few meters later the road has an abrupt ending.

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Coming back I found some yellow marks next to the abandoned road.  We decided to do an exploratory hike.

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Trail Start - Elevation: 1314m N 50:54.203 W 122:31.402 
Junction - Elevation: 1360m N 50:54.163 W 122:31.533
End of our hike - Elevation: 1717m N 50:55.105 W 122:30.122

This trail goes all the time up-hill.

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According to my map and GPS we were doing the Brett Creek Trail.  If you have an excellent physical condition you can mountain bike in this place.  In some places down trees were blocking the trail

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This hike gives access to a remote backcountry trip.  According to my map we need at least 4 hours -- one way --  to reach the alpine.

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We only hiked for two hours.  I found this trail by accident and now I know how to reach it.  I hope that for this summer I can do an alpine hike in this area.

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Thirsty Chow

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