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With one of the worst snowfalls in recent years I decided to do a solo exploratory trip to Cerise Creek.  This is an increasingly popular destination during winter and summer.  Because of the flies, I prefer to visit this place during winter.

On my way up I have views of Duffey Lake.  My initial objective was to try reach Brian's hut.  The heavy rains had weakened the snowpack and I decided to stay on the tree line.


The "hike" was quite hard, I have a hard time deciding whether to take my snowshoes off or leaving them on.

As you can see, Cerise Creek Road is snowed in winter, hence you need to start on Highway 99.

This is a forestry road where a high clearance vehicle may be required but you don't need to have a 4x4 to negotiate the road.

I couldn't find the route and I decided to go parallel to the creek.  Because of the trees my GPS didn't work so I just keep going looking for tracks left by another party.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative and I missed views of Anniversary glacier.  

It was getting late and with the weather showing no signs of clearing, I decided to carry my sorry self back to my car. 

Time: 4 hours
Round trip: 4 km (2.5 miles)
Elevation gain: 200 metres (656 ft)

Roundtrip from Vancouver: 370 km (231.5 miles)

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