Owl Creek FSR

From my point of view, the last two months of the year are not very good for hiking.  This is the time of the year where I like to explore access routes to new places where I haven't been before.  This time I wanted to get familiar to an alternative route to Tenquille Lake via Owl Creek FSR.

Unfortunately Juanmobile IV is not suited for off-roading, so I tried to reach the trailhead by foot.  

Walking on Owl Creek Forest Service Road

Very soon the road was covered by ice and then by soft snow.  This area is an excellent place for off-trail summer traverses but I know the area is also accessible during winter and has become more popular with backcountry tourers making their way from Owl Creek to Tenquille Lake and Railroad Pass.

As any typical late fall day, very soon I started to run out of daylight.  I wish that someday I can learn how to do camping in winter so I wouldn't mind to spend an extra day clowning around.  I have a raw idea of how build a snow cave and a couple of other things but I don't think that is enough to guarantee I will be free of trouble.

With mixed emotions (I already know how to reach Owl lakes) it was time to come back.  I heard that from from the old trail to Tenquille Lake, you can follow the old road to the end where there is an old hunting trail that will take you up and over the hill to Owl Lake but I have been unable to find more information.

I found some "claims", a claim is the first step to start doing mining.  Further research show me that there are two mineral tenures near the lower reach of Owl Creek.  This area is rich in wildlife and this is a primary management concern  of the Sustainable Resource Management Plan for this place.

Grizzly bears on this area are part of the Squamish-Lillooet grizzly bear population unit.  Just in case, the traverse between Tenquille Lake and Owl Lakes is not recommended during August - September because of the Grizzly mating season

Round trip: 15 km (9.4 miles)
Maximum Elevation: 1139 m (3736 ft)
Elevation Gain: 788 m (2585 ft)

Driving distance from Vancouver: 175 km (109 miles)

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