Cerise Creek (Winter Approach)

April 11, 2010

To reach the trailhead at the Pemberton Petro-Canada Gas Station, reset your odometer to zero and follow Highway 99 towards Lillooet. The pullout is approximately 40.5 km from the gas station and shouldn't be missed. It has enough space for roughly 20 cars.

Cerise Creek Trailhead

The trail drops from the pullout to the first river crossing, which is easily navigated. It is is followed by a second crossing, slightly more challenging, but also very basic. Both have ropes.

The trail then begins to climb and it is possible to have views of Duffey Lake which is part of Duffey Lake Provincial Park. The lake's inflow and outflow are Cayoosh Creek.

Duffey Lake
Duffey Lake

Eventually the trail opens up into the logged meadows until it meets the logging road, turn right onto the road (Cerise Creek Main) heading down a gentle hill for a couple of hundred metres until you see the sign posted winter trail heading left into the trees. If you get to a large bridge, you've gone too far.

Head into the trees at the sign post. The trail stays east of Cerise Creek passing through small meadows. After the meadows, the winter trail angles slowly down until it runs along side of the creek. Cross to the west side when snow bridges make it possible.

Eventually the valley opens up near the moraine wall at the foot of the Anniversary Glacier.

Mount Matier

When you reach the moraine wall, you can go left to the pass between Mount Matier and Vantage Peak where you can have views of Mount Hartzell, Mount Howard, Twin One Glacier, and, in the distance to the south, Snowspider Mountain

Mount Matier and Anniversary Glacier

To continue to Keith's Cabin follow the moraine wall around to the right (west).

Joffre Peak

Together with Mount Matier, Joffre attracts its own weather, which results in two healthy glaciers to the southwest and southeast. The rock is granitic, but varies in character about the peak from well broken and rubbly, to steep and clean, well featured with splitter cracks.

Eventually you will reach an opening in the trees on your right. This will take you up to a bench with a small lake on it. Keith's Cabin is just above and NE of the lake.

Keith's Cabin is a family run hut, in memory of a lost mountaineer, Keith Flavelle. It is maintained by a group of volunteers every September. Due to the remote nature of the cabin, running costs are high, and it is presumed that every person using the hut will donate, even if only $5 (although $20 per person, per night is requested, in particular if it is a guided tour). Please donate. The firewood, in addition, is brought in by helicopter, which is rented and also costs several hundred dollars an hour.

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1. 50:22.876-122:24.742 Elev 1230m - Trailhead and Parking Lot
2. 50:22.265-122:24.783 Elev 1329m - Km 1 - Road
3. 50:22.066-122:24.828 Elev 1321m - Km 1.25 - Go left
4. 50:20.802-122:25.136 Elev 1661m - Keith's Cabin

Distance One Way: 4 km (2.48 mi)
Total Time: 4.5 hours
Elevation gain: 305 m (1000 ft)

Driving Distance from Vancouver: 185 km (115 miles)
About 2 hours 50 minutes