Blowdown Lake
Blowdown Pass 24
Gott Peak
Blowdown Lake

Special thanks to David Wong for the enhancement done to my car, listen David, the engine is running really great!  Thanks a lot for your help.

Kicking mud

Last weekend we visited Blowdown Pass, this is another entrance for Stein Valley, this place was like a magnet for me.  I decided to pay a last visit for this year.  This is a gorgeous place to spend one week.

This time we visited Blowdown lake, you can see trouts swimming close to you.  No wonder why Grizzly bears frequent the area at certain times of the year, notably early summer.

Then we decided to explore more on the other side of the divide, I read that there are some good views if you scramble the alpine.  We hiked a steep hill and then we got views of some peaks.
According to my map there are some unnamed alpine lakes close to each other.  We were able to reach only one of those.  I am planning to come back for next year, then I will bring a topographical map.

As you can see, at this attitude the trees get smaller and sparser.  We entered the "AT zone", or the Alpine Tundra biogeoclimatic zone.

In an alpine tundra area, you can find hardier lichens, shrubs, and trees than can endure the constant cold, wind and snow, even in summer!  One more month and snow will start to cover this place.

We started to go down-hill  to the lake

The following pictures shows the road that reaches the pass, the peak on the left is know as "Gott Peak".  I hiked that peak two weeks ago.


A last view before we started our descent.

We crossed the lake and we started a short but demanding hike to the pass.  This is how Blowdown Lake looks from the Pass.
The road has a few tricky sections and is quickly deteriorating.  There are some narrow sections that can be wash out anytime.

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