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Blowdown Pass
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This place is like a magnet for me.  Unfortunately the road condition continues to deteriorate.  Last year I was able to drive until the pass but usually the snow completely melts at the end of June.

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Snow begins - Elevation: 1880m N 50:21.826 W 122:10.532 

On your left, over the ridge is the trail to Gott Peak.

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This place has limited Ranger and Stein Valley Warden patrols, if you are planning to visit this place you must be self-sufficient and prepared for all eventualities

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The rugged terrain across the trail lengthened our amount of travel time required.  I heard that in winter, you can cross-country all the way up to the pass in less than 6 hours.  With snowshoes those 15 km (10 miles) are a real nightmare.

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The transition from the dry interior to the wetter Coastal Mountains, plus the large elevational gradient, has resulted in very diverse vegetation communities within the park

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I couldn't distract myself from the beauty of the surroundings.  

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A view of Blowdown Lake.  One of the reasons of visiting this lake at this time of the year was to avoid summer bugs.

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Finally we reached the pass.  I think that the road should somehow be closed at the lake to stop the damage being done by irresponsible yahoos driving 4x4s or ATVs around the meadows

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Blowdown Pass - Elevation: 2170m N 50:21.791 W 122:08.

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