Cayoosh Pass

I haven't visited the Cayoosh Range since last November.  This was my first time visiting Cayoosh Pass.  To ascend you have to take an old road not drivable in summer because of a deep ditch along the highway.

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Ascending the road you have views of the Cayoosh Range.

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In certain point the road is divided in two, we took the right fork.  One kilometre later a quick look on the top of the slide zone made me realize that we took the wrong approach

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The Cayoosh Range is divided into east and west.  We were exploring the eastern part that seems to have more of the higher peaks in the range 

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The peaks in this part are connected by long ridges that are not much less in elevation than the peaks themselves; I heard of people spending weeks crossing these peaks.

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On our way back I was talking with a young parent, he explained me that he would rather bring his family to this place instead of Whistler.  Doesn't matter that Whistler have some of the best ski resorts in the world it is becoming very expensive to visit.

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Well, we finish our hike more earlier than expected.  We make a quick stop on Duffey Lake.

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The slopes on the north side of Duffey Lake have high habitat values for black bear and very high capability for grizzly bears as well as deer and mountain goat.  I love this place, this lake has high scenic values and is one my stop points when I do my scenic drives.

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Still, I wasn't satisfied, I wanted more.  I keep driving to Lillooet and five minutes before the sunset we took a picture of Seton Lake. If I didn't told you before, Seton Lake is one of the two freshwater fjord-lakes immediately west of the town of Lillooet.  It has a neighbour called Anderson Lake, 8000 years ago a cataclysmic collapse of the northern flank of the Cayoosh Range separated the lakes.

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I was already in Lillooet, so instead of coming back, I added an extra hour to my trip and I decided to do a loop through Hope.

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580 km (362 miles) later we arrived to Vancouver.

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