Cayoosh Pass

I wanted to do a last visit to Cayoosh Pass before a summer attempt.  We passed Whistler and this time Green Lake was completely frozen.

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30 cm of new snow sounded very tempting, seems that a lot of people were thinking the same because at our arrival the parking was full.  I had to park almost on the road.

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What a gorgeous day, this time the visibility was excellent.

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And here you are, Cayoosh Mountain.  Cayoosh Mountain is a large partially glaciated peak located on the divide between Joffre Creek and Cayoosh Creek.  It is not the tallest peak in the Cayoosh Range 2561 m (8402 ft).

There are two routes to climb this peak in winter, in summer the way to go is through the south ridge.  Maybe is going to be time to take some climbing courses.

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Then, this was our stop point.  A young dude brought his snowmobile up to this point, then he climbed the slope.  He was looking for some snowboarding.

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And here he goes!  Talking with a skier, he told me that we were half our way to the summit.  Of course, we weren't going to attempt climb the peak with only snowshoes.  This was only an exploratory trip.

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It was time for coming back to the parking lot.

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I decided to do a short visit to D'arcy.  This town is at the end of paved road from Mount Courie on the south shore of Anderson Lake.

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This is the jumping-off point for the Anderson High Line powerline road to Seton Portage.  I did this scenic drive before but the road is only driveable in summer time.

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Round trip: 450 km (280 miles)

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