Joffre Lakes

Last Sunday the Sun was on our side and we decided to do a second attempt to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

We took a last view of the parking lot.  This was the beggining of a long 7 hours journey.


Fresh powder was everywhere, and our tracks from last week were completely erased.


After 10 minutes we reached the first lake (1213 msn), and on the background you can see Matier Glacier.


We went into the bushes and after 30 minutes we started one of the most difficult parts of this hike, the boulders.  Ironically, in winter this is one of the easiest parts


We spent 30 minutes crossing the boulders.


After the boulders, the route was really steep.  The Sun was starting to leave us and when we reached Middle Joffre Lake (1564 msn) we got some snow.  As you can see, we need to wait for some months to see the turquoise waters of the lake.


Even the birds were excited to see us.


But still, we had one lake to reach and after 20 minutes we arrived to Upper Joffre Lake (1564 msn)


Sometimes was really difficult to see the contour of the mountains against the white sky.  The snow was hitting our eyes but still we managed to take a picture of Matier Glacier.  For some people this is not the end of the hike, you can keep going and have views of other two glaciers, Stonecrop and Tazil glaciers and the mountains sorrounding them.  Only experienced mountainers climb or venture onto the glaciers and snow fields.  We are not that kind of people, but let's see what we can do in Summer.



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