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Tenquille Lake
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This time we were able to reached Tenquille Lake Trail.  No accidents this time on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.  To reach the trail you may need a 4WD vehicle but a car with decent clearance can make it too.

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The trail at the beginning is quite steep but the views of Pemberton Valley and Lillooet River are quite refreshing.

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Then we entered a forest of lichen-draped hemlock and we crossed some creeks.  One of those creeks has its bridge washed out so we crossed it by rock-hopping.

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After a couple of hours, we reached an expansive alpine meadow.

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You can stay here and spend some minutes exploring this boulder-strewn garden.

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If you do that, keep in mind that in places like this the soil is thin and the vegetation is fragile.  The meadows can be easily damaged so you better watch your step.

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