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There are three ways to reach Tenquille Lake, the easy, the so-so and the hard.  For the first two you may need a 4x4 vehicle but, if you like to have a difficult life and/or you don't have a high clearance vehicle (I fall in both) then you must do the long hike from the bottom of the road. 

To reach the trailhead, from Pemberton, drive some 30km east, up the valley on the Pemberton Meadows road, following the large orange Forest Service signs that direct you towards Goldbridge-Bralorne and Megar Creek. 

The Forest Service road turns right from the Meadows road and runs across the valley through a farmer's field to a single lane bridge. Cross the bridge and park well off the road.

Right at your parking spot there is a sign reading 'Tenquille Lake Trail'.

Elev: 250 m N 50:30.140 W 122:58.020

From this point I started my hike, going uphill all the time.  In case you want to do the trailhead from Hurley Road, be warned about the bugs that can eat you alive along the way.

There is a loop around the trail, you will see a white sign showing the right direction.  I don't know the condition of this trail -- and I don't want to know -- but If you venture be warned that you may be adding a couple of hours to your trip.

There are some avalanche sections that are not very difficult to cross.  Do you know that this is one of the oldest hiking routes in the Pemberton Valley?

During the first half of the 20th century, miners used pack-horse routes to reach the subalpine region surrounding Tenquille and Owl Lakes. More recently, some of these overgrown trails have been reopened for hiking and mountain biking 

Pemberton Valley and Lillooet River

Along the trailhead there are some viewpoints where you can take quick breaks.


After crossing Wolverine Creek I was just some meters away from the junction where the trail joins to the one used by most hikers.  At this point you have to go right otherwise you will be ending on the parking lot of the main trailhead.

Wolverine Creek Elev: 1557 m N 50:31.354 W 122:57.523


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