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Mount Rohr
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Last time that I was here was on march 28.  From the main trail you may see the "ROHR" sign pointing to the east.  In some places this steep trail is really muddy, fortunately I have an extra pair of shoes in my truck.

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Last time I was trying to reach Rohr Lake but unfortunately that day we only make it to the bottom of a steep bench.  This time only one hiker (Isabel) was with me and I didn't have to worry about leaving people behind me.

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After you reach the boulder-strewn bench the trail is very difficult to follow.  This is one of the few times where Baby Chow needed my help.  Well, that's why friends are for.

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We scramble through the boulders and finally we reached the top of the bench.  Looking back we have views of Cayoosh Mountain.  At this time I didn't want to think about the descent.

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This is the start of Hanging Valley.  Even on the alpine the mosquitoes are a real nuisance.

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A lot of marmots on the rocks.  The wildlife viewing is an added bonus to visit this area.

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At this point we were 300 meters from Rohr Lake but initially the lake is hidden.  You have to stay on the north side and please, watch your step.

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Then you will see the lake.  Beautiful, isn't it?

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And then, I saw how the clouds were covering Mount Rohr. 

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