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Mount Rohr (Second attempt)
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This was an unusual Sunday, besides Baby the Chow I was alone.  I had the perfect opportunity to do a solo hike to one elusive mountain that I have been trying to conquer for the last two years.  It is recommended to do this hike in two days but without any companions I decided to reach the elusive peak in a single day.

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Reaching the boulder-strewn bench

After I finished ascending the rockslide, I reached Hanging Valley, the green colors are gone and now were being replaced for the beautiful colors of fall.  You can reach the valley  following another route on a muddy trail right of the headwall (amphitheatre)

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Here I was able to see the marks that water leaves on the rocks.  When water freezes it occupies a larger volume.  As freezing water expands, it exerts a force, such force may widen cracks in rocks and eventually break the rocks apart.

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During the last glacial period (14,000 years ago) most of Canada was covered in ice more than a kilometre thick.  

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Rohr Lake and Cayoosh Mountain from the east

David, for your information the lake has trout.  You can see them splashing when flies hatch the lake.  For people coming to this place, do not camp on the lake, besides there are not too many flat and soft spots, it is a favourite haunt of a big black bear very know by some hikers.  There is an excellent camping spot 400 metres east of the lake.

After crossing a talus slope, finally I reached the point where I stopped the last time that I was here.  

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I was already above the treeline, and at this point I didn't see any trail.  If I wanted to come back in one piece, I had to put a lot of attention to each step.

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From the ridge I have beautiful views of some lakes

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I keep following the west ridge to the summit (class 2).  I was getting tired but looking towards the summit the last thing that crossed on my mind was to stop.

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Then I reached the final ridge.  I choose a route on the right of the ridge, fortunately there were not too many patches of snow and the footing was quite reliable.

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Views of Vantage Peak, Mt. Matier, and Mt. Joffre

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