Sigurd Creek

June 22, 2003

As an option you can make a short trip to "Crooked Falls" or go to the second viewpoint.

Squamish River

You can start your hike at the beggining of branch road A-200, but with a 4WD vehicle you can drive a further 700 meters.

Then you walk on an overgrown road for around 15 minutes before turning uphill.

Part of the trail goes close to big walls of rocks.

After 300 m (1000 ft) of elevation gain you will reach the first viewpoint , there you can have views of the Squamish River and the surrounding peaks.

The hike keeps going uphill and getting very close to Sigurd Creek and some of its cascades.

There is a stiff ascent towards the second viewpoint, from there you can see the north slopes of Pelion and Ossa Mountain and its every day smaller glaciers. 

The cloudy day forced us to use our imagination. 

Crooked Falls are spectacular during spring runoff and if you want to see them you need to add an extra kilometre to your hike. The picture only shows 25% of the falls.

Crooked Falls

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Driving distance from Vancouver: 105 km (65.24 mi)

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