Knothole Lake

July 25, 2004

To get there follow the Mamquam River Forest Service Road (FSR) which leaves Highway 99 about 1 km south of Squamish at the Apron parking lot (Stawamus Chief Provincial Park). At Mile 18 the road branches into the major east and south forks of Mamquam River. The loggers have named these E-Main and S-Main. S-Main is arbitrarily chosen as the continuation of the mainline.

Near "Mile 15", a ditched road (M22) goes left to Knothole Lake. M22 is on a steep hill just before the mainline levels off again, this is the beggining of the hike.

To reach the lake you need to follow the old "KL" signs, during this hike I saw three of those signs.

A junction on M22 at +1.6 km (el. 850 M.) goes right on M22E to the head of the side valley. M22 is the older road and is completely blocked by a tank trap at this junction on a switchback.

The road to the trailhead has been deactivated and the last part of the road is covered with debris and old logs. On you way up you can have views of Mamquam Valley.

At the end of the road, you need to bushwack through slash and steep forest.

The trail opens onto a rocky bluff with a stunning view of the Squamish Valley. The Squamish River below weaves through the valley while the glacier-covered slopes of the Tantalus Mountain range stand tall behind.

Bottom: End of M22 road

This place is situated in the Coast Plutonic complex. This used to be a large volcanic arc system, extending from northern Washington through British Columbia and the Alaska Panhandle to southwestern Yukon.

After leaving the forest you keep going uphill and eventually you turn right to continue towards knothole lake.

On your way you can have views of the valley and some isolated lakes on your left side.

From there it is just a matter of meters before your reach Knothole Lake.

Knothole Lake is 2 km east of Pinecone Lake. The peaks above and Pinecone Lake beyond are just a scramble from here.

The end of the journey was ended with a beautiful sunset from Highway 99.

This highway received the '99' designation in 1942, and it originally shared an alignment with Highway 1 from Surrey to Vancouver.

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Coordinates - To get there
1. 49:41.317-123:8.833 Km 0 Left Higway 99, take right (Parking lot climbers)
2. 49:42.350-123:6.317 Km 3.6 Junction, keep left
3. 49:43.017-122:59.817 Km 12.4 Cross bridge
4. 49:43.133-122:59.767 Km 12.5 Go right and cross bridge
5. 49:43.117-122:59.567 Km 12.8 Kept Right
6. 49:41.717-122:55.250 Km 19.3 Junction, keep right
7. 49:41.033-122:54.850 Km 20.8 Junction, go left
8. 49:41.017-122:54.667 Km 21.15 Junction, go left
09. 49:41.029-122:54.511 Elev 678 m End of driveable road. Hike starts

Coordinates - Hike
09. 49:41.029-122:54.511 Elev 678 m End of driveable road. Hike starts
10. 49:41.083-122:54.417 Lake KL Sign
11. 49:40.963-122:53.520 Elev 998 m Take right road (overgrown)
12. 49:40.770-122:53.257 Elev 1128 m Going left (arrow rocks)
13. 49:40.972-122:53.062 Elev 1204 m Going right (really bad road) Second KL Sign
14. 49:40.609-122:52.848 Elev 1329 m End of road Trail really starts left very difficult to follow for the first 200 meters (bushes)
15. 49:40.650-122:52.520 Elev 1540 m Border with Pinecone Burke Provincial Park
16. 49:40.367-122:51.679 Elev 1663 m Knothole Lake

Approximate Roundtrip length: 16 km (9.94 mi)
Time: 6.0 hours
Elevation gain: 985 m (3231 ft)

Driving distance from Vancouver: Around 100 km (62 mi)

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