Alice Lake

January 16, 2005

For some people Spring is perhaps the best time to explore the lakes and trails of Alice Lake Provincial Park, but Alice Lake is also a good destination for the short days of Winter. If you are looking for solitude, fall is the best time to visit.

The trail around Alice Lake is a popular one for an evening stroll but we decided to follow the Four Lakes Trail.

The trail takes you through Douglas fir, western red cedar and other coniferous and deciduous trees. 

Picnic area

The first lake, Alice Lake was totally frozen. We saw some families playing hockey. Sometimes you can see people doing ice-fishing. 

Alice Lake

Very soon we reached the south shore beach of Alice Lake which was named for the wife of Charles Rose who settled in the district about 1888. It was a popular recreation spot for local residents even before the park was established in 1956. 

After crossing the parking lot to the big Four Lakes Trail sign we followed the path alongside Edith Creek. 20 minutes later we reached Edith Lake, the first of the three tiny lakes tucked away from the bustle surrounding Alice Lake.

Edith Lake

In 1890, the Merrill and Ring Lumber Company from Seattle acquired a chunk of timber from the provincial government stretching from Alice Lake south to the Stawamus Chief.

In 1926 logging started on this area, after 14 years of cutting and taking only the biggest and best trees and doing a hefty profit, the Americans left.

We continued to Fawn Lake but before we stopped for a while to hear the rushing of the Cheekye River. This river flows west into the Cheakamus River

Cheekye River

On Stump Lake, we did the loop trail having scenic views of the lake, unfortunately we couldn't see the mountains because of the cloudy day.

From there it was just a matter of minutes before reaching the campground and our starting point.

Stump Lake

Loop Distance: 12 km (7.5 miles)
Elevation gain: Minimal
Time needed: 4 hours

Driving distance from Vancouver: 76.8 km (47.72 mi) - About 1 hour 15 mins

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