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Hut Lake

The old road to Hut Lake is closed and barricaded at Levette Lake.  I was surprised to see some work done on this area.

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After almost one hour of walking, we reached a new telecommunications tower.  During the last 6 months I have been wondering how it was possible to get coverage for my cell between Squamish and Whistler (and the increase of the rates)

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Around the tower we have views of the Tantalus Mountain Range.  From here we had views of Mt Diane and Mt Tantalus.  The glaciers are called Serratus and Rumbling.

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There is one company called Glacier Air Tours that can land you on Serratus Glacier So far I'm concerned they can't do the same on Rumbling Glacier because of the deep crevasses. 

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Then, the old road reappeared,  after one hour we reached Hut Lake.

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Usually at this time of the year, this lake and the rocky trail are ice covered, you can have an idea how warm this winter has been.

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Reading fishing reports, seems that this lake doesn't have any fish.  In a sunny day like today you can have views of Garibaldi peak.

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Practicing Latin Yoga, can you believe is still winter?

Until five years ago, this area was a popular destination for hardcore 4x4 drivers.  The problem with some of these guys if the environmental damage that they do forcing the government to close the roads.  

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After Hut Lake you can keep going on the abandoned road and after 1.5 hours reach a small lake called Upper Hut Lake.

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Reaching Upper Hut Lake sounds tempting for an early Fall hike.  On our way back, we had beautiful views of the Chief and Squamish River.  

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Beautiful sunset on our way back to Vancouver

1. 49:50.045-123:10.976 Elev 420 m Bridge and gate
2. 49:50.265-123:11.089 Elev 477 m Fork, keep right on main road
3. 49:50.827-123:11.370 Elev 569 m Fork, go left on old road
4. 49:51.312-123:11.658 Elev 468 m Fork, keep left
5. 49:51.399-123:11.674 Elev 461 m Hut Lake

Approximate length (one way) = 5 km (3.12 miles)

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Round trip:  172 km (108 miles)

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