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Elfin Lakes
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To get to the trailhead, I followed Highway 99 and on Squamish I followed the signs marking the turnoff to Garibaldi Park-Diamond Head .  I avoided this place for many years because this is a notorious place for break-ins.  As an additional caution, I left nothing inside the "Juanmobile IV".  The fact that now you have to pay for the parking means a lower incidence of break-ins.

Then I passed the yellow gate and I started to follow an old access road as it gradually gains elevation.

Elevation: 972 m N 49:45.013 W 123:03.193

The road was built in the mid-1940s to shuttle guests to the old Diamond Head Lodge at Elfin Lakes.  Now, it is used by hikers, mountain bikers and the once-in-a-while BC Parks truck bringing in supplies.

The cloudy day denied my request to have views of the Tantalus Range and the Squamish River.  However, I stopped for a couple of minutes to admire a nameless waterfall that I assume is an excellent water break during the hot summer. 

Very soon I reached Red Heather Meadows, here there is a campground that now is permanently closed to protect bear habitat. Here I had views of meadowy vegetation, such as blueberry bush, Labrador tea and, red heather.   

This is one of those places that in autumn offer a stunning sight of scarlet, ochre and gold alpine meadows in the foreground.  This area attracts about 22,000 day-trippers and today was not the exception to the rule.  

On Red Heather Meadows, I went left for a scenic ramble through lush alpine meadow.  Cyclists go right for a wider, rockier ascent.  Soon after, the trail rejoins the road.


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