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Cat Lake

As many of my faithful readers know, I am not longer own a SUV and the last thing I want to do is to scratch the bottom of "Juanmobile IV", therefore to reach some of these places I have to walk.  To reach Cat Lake, just drive on the east side of Hwy 99 north of Alice Lake Provincial Park.  Watch for a highway sign that says "Whistler 44 km" and make the next right turn.

The road is a 2WD until the lake, but in my case I decided to walk the 2km.

At around 1.5 km, there is a junction.  You should go right.  

Even tough the road is accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles to parking area, the narrow access road makes it not suitable for motorhomes.

Please, pick up your garbage!

During summer time, this lake receives very high use. As the water flow in the lake is very slow, no powerboats of any kind are permitted.

Cat Lake has a well-earned reputation as a place for swingers - rope swingers, that is. You can tell where the rope is by following the whoops made by those who arrive ahead of you. Makeshift rafts, free for the commandeering, are secured at several places around the shoreline.

After relaxing for a little bit, I did a short walk around the lake while admiring the mirror effect produced by the lake's surface.

I heard that the lake is stocked with many small rainbow trout.

After finishing the lake loop, I continued walking on the logging road (in some places 4WD).  It was quite hard a times because of the slippery conditions, but watching the sun play with the clouds and the spectacular views of the Tantalus Range made me forget about all these issues.

After maybe three hours of non-stop walking, I decided to end my hike.  The short winter day didn't allow me to continue my exploration.  Actually this is a very popular snowmobile area.  I saw some trucks with their snowmobiles going up and down and I got some thumbs up from the drivers, they were surprised to see someone that deep into the road only powered by Nestles Mars Chocolate bar.

This road provides the shortest access to the summit of Garibaldi, as long as you can tolerate lots of snowmobiles (when the road is snow covered) or horrible driving conditions (when the road is bare).

Although this route is shorter than those starting from the Diamond Head or Rubble Creek Trailheads, it is nevertheless quite long, involving miles of scenic but up-and-down traversing along the ridge to reach the glaciers on the upper flanks of the peak.

Elevation: 1061 m

I took a quick break, and I have to make it quick because I didn't have enough protection for the cold weather.  During my short break, a small fall caught my attention

I spent some time admiring how the cold weather can make small things look beautiful.

Before my descent I stayed for a couple of minutes admiring the distant ocean view and the Squamish River dying on Howe Sound.

The right fork eventually joins with the left fork that you saw at the beginning of this newsletter.  If you are planning to hike Brohm Ridge, you should drive the right fork, the last part of the left fork is an abominable streambed.

Hike Statistics:
Round trip = 14 km (8.75 miles)
Elevation Gain = 832 m (2729 ft)

Roundtrip from Vancouver = 154 km


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