Brandywine Meadows

October 17, 2004

The first time I visited this place I had an early snowfall and today I was naive enough to believe that I will have some views of this beautiful valley. Like last year, this trip was thwarted by poor weather. The sign for the trailhead is hard to spot and sometimes people keep walking the road missing the sign. With a 4WD you can park next to the trailhead.

This is a short but steep trail where moderate physical shape is required.

In some points, the trail is in poor condition. Tree roots were covering some points and you have to go around to avoid the fallen branches. 

The wet day made the trail quite muddy.

Some streams are crossed on foot logs but in some places they can be quite slippery and is advisable to skip them.

Once the sub-alpine is reached the grade moderates.

In summer, locals have this place as one of their top destinations. I don't blame them, even with a day like this we were able to appreciate Whistler's true backcountry wilderness.

Before snowmobiles came along, in winter time this place was visited only by skiers. With logging and a hydroelectric project on place, you may see snowmobiles around. I don't have anything against snowmobiles, but some owners do not take good care of their machines. The over-consumption of oil and of course, the cans of oil in some places is really disturbing.

From this point you can climb Brandywine Mountain. To reach the peak, from the northwest end of the meadows, climb to the west up to the glacier located immediately southeast of Brandywine Mountain. Keep in mind that in this place, with winds, the temperature can go to a bone chilling of -20 C (-4 F).

Driving distance from Vancouver: 112.5 km (70 mi)

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