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Having Monday off I got the perfect opportunity to visit Sloquet Hot Springs.  There are two approaches, the northern approach is the longer of the two routes but can be done with a 2 wheel drive vehicle.  The Southern approach is the shorter route but requires a 4WD vehicle because rough sections of road need to be negotiated. 

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The Southern approach follows the Harrison West Forest Service Road.  Here you can see the beginning of Harrison Lake.

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The last two months had been very dry on the province and this helicopter was ready to take off in case of a fire.  Last year was really bad, the Canadian Forces soldiers took part in Operation Peregrine, 2,100 soldiers supported BC Forestry fighting forest fires in British Columbia.

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An elderly couple were taking care of the chopper, hours later they went down to the Hot Springs.  The following picture shows where the Hot Springs start, this hot waterfall is surrounded by mosses and ferns that stay green throughout the year. 

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After 50 meters, you reach the pools built over time with stones and tarps.  This is one of mother nature jewels, time here will go fast.   

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This place is usually crowded during the weekends, what a difference a weekday does!

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From the hot water you may jump to the cold waters of Sloquet creek.  Fortunately now this place is  managed by the local natives, before the pools were abused and they were not very clean.  But still they are undeveloped and the beautiful natural surroundings are intact.

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Time to come back to Vancouver, a lot of grouses on the road.  This one is a Sharp-tailed grouse.

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Beautiful views of Harrison Lake, this is a 30 mi/48 km long, 1 mi/2 km - 5 mi/8 km wide lake.  You may want to check my scenic drive that I did last year on this road.

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This lake is unique among the major lakes in British Columbia in that it is only a few feet above the sea level.  Thousands of years ago it was not a lake at all, but an arm of the sea.

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Its depths contain a huge number of long-finned smelts, a salt-water species, and harbour seals are a common sight.

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This is a very long trip, it's quite taxing on the human body to travel such distances on bumpy ground.  80 km (50 miles) are on gravel road.  Remember that you are going to be sitting 4 hours on gravel road, so you better enjoy your stay in this beautiful place.

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Round trip: 420 km (262.5 miles)
Round driving time: 9 hours

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