Clear Creek
Halfway River
St Leon
Sloquet Hot Springs
Clear Creek Hot Springs

There is a semi-improved hot springs place on the east side of Harrison Lake.  It is difficult to reach, it requires a thirty-mile drive over unpaved roads, and for the last 5 km a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.

Taking a break, I saw an abandoned rollover and then some views of Echo Island and Cascade Peninsula

After crossing the Silver River Logging Camp -- you can see a tall tree stump -- you drive another 5.5 km for the turn off up Clear Creek.  At 2.7 km there is another turn off to Hornet Creek, don't take that one!

On the last kilometre there is a small slide area, and then a modular bridge.

Very soon you will see a derelict bulldozer, park wherever you can -- on weekends can be a little bit tough --  Just in case, during winter the road is closed by snow.

From the road you can see the Hot Springs. 

There is a rough changing shack at the hot spring with rustic benches on the perimeter of the tubs.

The mineral water (just barely body temperature) spurs out of the ground and would be going nowhere except for the tubs that were brought in to collect the hot water.



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